Finding a qualified therapist.

Finding a qualified therapist.

Having worked for years providing wrap around services in addition to private practice, the most common desires I have found with parents seeking mental health services distills down to these points.

Experience: Parents often prefer therapists who have experience and specialized in treating children with the challenges specific to their child.

Empathy: Finding therapist who is warm, understanding, and non-judgmental is often seen as essential as the therapist is gaining access to not just the client but their world of relationships (family, friend, etc).

Patience: Mental health, neuro-diversity, ADD, ADHD can be a challenging conditions, and a therapist who is patient and has a calm demeanor can be important for both the child and the parents.

Knowledge: Parents may want a therapist who has a strong understanding of their child's challenges and its effects on a child's development, behavior, relationships and environment.

Effective communication: A therapist who can communicate effectively with both the child and the parents is often seen as essential.

Creative and engaging approach: Children with mental health challenges often benefit from a therapist who can incorporate play, creativity, and fun into their treatment approach.

Availability: Parents may appreciate a therapist who is available for appointments at a time that is convenient for the family.

Collaboration: A therapist who is willing to work closely with other professionals involved in the child's care, such as teachers and pediatricians, can be important for parents.

These attributes I have invested time, training and practice in enhancing my skills to align with these particular client desires. It is my desire through the intake process for you to become more familiar with me, my process, my personality and my passion.

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